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Business Plan

Got a great idea for a business? This app will guide you through the essential steps to create a professional business plan.

✔ Edit, delete, duplicate and rename your saved plans.
✔ Guides and Sample plans for each section.
✔ Checklists make sure you've left nothing out.
✔ Export options include email.

Everything u need to quickly create a business plan ★★★★★

by Kquills123
This app offers Everything u need to quickly create a professional business plan. It has a simple and easy to use interface. The app breaks up each section of the business plan. For each section the app provides a description of that sections, tips on what investors are looking for, examples you can copy paste, a task list to track completion rate, and an unrestricted text box to enter information. As each section is completed it is automatically updated to the final business plan. By clicking on the business plan icon, you can review the full business plan, copy it to a clip board or email it for final formatting. This app makes creating a business plan so easy to do. Having it on my iPhone allows me to easily update my business plan at my leisure. I just purchased the app this morning and so far completed almost 50% of my business plan (and the day is not over yet). I'm so glad I found this app, I was dreading having to sit at my desk tied to my laptop. Now I can just jot down my thoughts and ideas as they come to me. If you are looking for software to help you develop a business plan for your start up company, look no further!

The Simplicity Helps Me Focus ★★★★★

by Peacefulroad

Love this App! The headings are helping me to stay focused; working on one section at a time. I can put down my plan ideas/information on the fly. I will put the content into a more formally structured plan when I'm done. But THIS is making it much easier to get it done! Thanks!

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