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Chord Progressions

This handy tool will help you write music that is both highly original and distinctive. You can easily generate an almost limitless number of catchy chord progressions and have them played to you.

1. Select a key, chord style and pattern. For example you may choose Flamenco chords in an 8 bar blues pattern in the key of C#.
2. Tap 'Done' and your progression is generated for you.
3. Tap the play button to hear it played.
4. Double Tap any of the chords to alter them.
5. Try varying how it sounds by changing tempo, rythmn or bar length.

✔ Save your favourite progressions.
✔ Play any chord by tapping on it.
✔ See what notes make up each chord in your progression.
✔ Shuffle function lets you create a random progression.
✔ Current chord styles include Jazz, Latin, Blues, Classical, Hard Rock and Pop plus many more..
✔ There are a range of patterns for 4, 8, 12 and 16 bar progressions.
✔ Universal app works on iPhone, iPod Touch as well as iPad.

* Anyone who wants to write their own original music.
* Anyone who wants to learn improvising and soloing.
* Anyone who wants to learn how harmony is put together.
* Anyone who loves experimenting and playing about with music.

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