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Creative Writing

Want to be a writer? Or just love writing for fun? This app will help you develop your creative writing skills and unlock your natural creativity.

✱ Warm-up exercises to develop flow.
✱ Story writing techniques
✱ Poetry writing ideas
✱ Visualization exercises

Each day you get presented with a set of writing exercises designed by international poet and workshop leader Emmanuel Williams. You can either follow these exercises or choose from a complete list of exercises. As you follow an exercise anything you write is saved so you can easily find it later. If you like what you've written you can email it to yourself or paste it into another app such as a word processor.

Emmanuel Williams is a qualified teacher with an MA in the Teaching of Creative Writing from Humboldt State University. He has taught all over the world and currently works as a poet-teacher for California Poets In The Schools. His poetry and writings have been published in numerous magazines both in the US and Europe including Pennwood Review, Snowy Egret, Staple, Penthouse and Penumbra, and featured on the BBC and NPR. Several collections of his original writings have been published.

Well done- worth more ★★★★★

by Suizee

I wasn't looking for a novel-writing app so I almost didn't buy this. I'm so glad I did. It is helpful for any kind of writing. It makes you think and gets you going. It is helpful with sentences, poems, dialogue, story, whatever you need with lots of prompts, and ideas. I believe it will be helpful for anyone at any level that is looking for help with writing. I love it!

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