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Decision Making

Want help making a decision? This app employs the three-in-one method to bring the science of decision making to your fingertips. No need to understand the math behind it. Just enter your options, the factors that are important to you, make a simple star rating and hey presto the best decision is calculated for you.

Use it for just about any kind of decision: "What career should I go for?" "Where should I vacation?" "Which car should I buy?" 'What tasks should I prioritize?" "Who will be my best man?" "Who was the greatest ever singer?"... and so on.

- Keep track of unlimited decisions.
- Graphical representation of results.
- Share your answers.
- Look back on old decisions and see why you made them.

The app uses weighted criteria (or factors) which you rate from 'Dreadful' to 'Perfect'. The weighting is decided by the priority you give it from 'Low' to 'Highest'. The scores for each possible option are calculated and the winning decision is the one with the highest score. It sounds complicated but it's all presented in a step-by-step method that is easy to follow.

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