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Goal Setting

A tool to help you manage and achieve your life goals and ambitions.

This app uses the TGROW method, popular amongst professional life coaches.. It stands for:

Theme (areas of your life which need attention e.g. health, career etc.); Goals; Reality (likelihood of achieving your goals); Options (ways of achieving your goals): and Will (the actions you need to take to achieve your goals).

This method provides a trusted and reliable way of achieving success.


1. Think of a goal you would like to achieve. You can choose goals with the help of goal-setting exercises.
2. Break down your goal into tasks. Again, there are several exercises to help you evaluate the best options for setting your tasks, as well as for getting these tasks done on a daily basis.
3. Schedule your tasks and check them off as you achieve them and get closer to your goal. There are also exercises to help you with time-management.
4. The app will also guide you through methods to help you review your progress.


✓ Set up and monitor as many goals as you wish.
✓ 45 easy to use exercises to guide you through the process:
- help with setting goals
- help selecting options for achieving your goals
- help in getting things done
- help with time-management
- help with monitoring your progress and keeping you on track
✓ Set target dates for your goals.
✓ Receive notifications when your goal is due for review.
✓ Check off tasks as they are completed.
✓ View your schedule at a glance.

Awesome! ★★★★★

by Sparky7483
I love this app! It has so much helpful information and is a great way to keep your goals all in one place. It makes them easy to see at a glance, including a task list and setting reminders too. Thanks, it's great!

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