An easy to use stress management tool to help you toward a low stress lifestyle. This app uses recent advances in cognitive behavioural therapy to help you understand your stress and develop strategies to reduce it.

We all experience difficult and stressful situations, but some people seem able to brush these off without being gravely affected while others seem crippled by the same situations.

Why is this? Well, it looks like science has found the answers; and ironically these answers were known to the ancient world. Our moods naturally go up and down, but sometimes something can happen that tips us over the edge and affects our whole day, or even longer. Recent scientific discoveries have revealed that it's not our moods that lead to stress and anxiety, but rather how we react to our moods. In other words, stress is defined as not what happens to you but how you deal with what happens to you.

This app helps you to single out the triggers that cause you stress, work out how they affect you physically, emotionally and in your thoughts, and devise an action plan to ward off stress before it takes hold. Creating an action plan for common stressful experiences can help you to break negative habitual responses and act in more positive ways. This will help you feel more in control of your life and vastly improve your well-being.

The app also helps you to look at activities you carry out in a typical day, and score them as to where they are nurturing (giving you energy), depleting (taking away energy) or neutral. The idea is that you can then see at a glance either why your life might be very stressful or where you can make improvements.

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