Tarot Daily

This app works just like a professional Tarot reader!  In-depth interpretations centered around you and your situation. Choose from 100+ spreads love, career, money etc. and get a 1,000+ word personalized report.



First choose from one of the categories: love, work, family, friends, life or self. Then choose a question or problem e.g. "Why is my relative acting this way?" Next you will be asked to give a little information about your relative. The cards are shuffled and dealt. You then receive a card-by-card explanation. In this example it would look at what's going on in your relative's life and any negative influences. Also offering advice for you both and predictions for the future. 



  • History - review all your readings.

  • Notes - keep a journal of thoughts about your readings.

  • Share - email, post on Facebook or print your reports. 

  • Card look-up - look-up the meaning of any Tarot card.

  • 100+ spreads.

  • Uses the full 78 card deck




The app uses a system of fortune coins to give you your daily readings. Every day you receive 50 coins which is more than enough to get a daily reading. You can save up coins you don't spend for another day. If however you run out and can't wait until the next day you can buy packs of coins within the app.



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