Tarot for the Mac

This Tarot card reading app for the Apple Mac is like having a professional Tarot reader available to you every day on your desktop.


Suitable for pros or novices.


Get instant answers to your burning questions: How can I find true love? How can I attract money? What do I need to know today? How do I resolve my problems with family or friends? 150 magical and powerful readings to help you solve all your problems in life. These expert readings are both insightful and tuned to your situation.


✔ 150 different readings in 5 categories (Daily life, Love, Work & Money, Friends & Family, Mind & Body)
✔ Quick and easy to understand, no knowledge of Tarot required
✔ In-depth explanation of each card and how it relates to your situation
✔ Uses full 78 card deck
✔ Quick card look-up for all 78 cards
✔ Choice of decks
✔ Save, rename and manage your readings
✔ Elegant animation adds realism

* Some of these features are available only with the paid upgrade.
About upgrade
The basic free version works well as a Tarot reading solution but if you want more spreads, decks and cards you can upgrade to the paid version at any time via the 'upgrade' menu.

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